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Using videoconference to support the use of quality texts

In November I posted a blog about my work with consultants in Rotherham on the Jolly Postman project when I videoconferenced with 19 classes dressed as Burglar Bill I am acutely aware from my own teaching and my work in schools that the use of drama can greatly increase the motivation of the pupils and […]

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Sea Monsters

I found Seamonsters under recommendation from @digitalmaverick and bought both the Wii game and the DVD produced by National Geographic. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEfQKSpONX8] The DVD is typical of the quality one comes to expect from National Geographic with a mixed timeline of prehistoric marine dinosaurs and the different discoveries of their fossils by archeologists. The game allows […]

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Burglar Bill

I spent most of yesterday dressed as a burglar whilst videoconferencing with angry children! This was as  part of the wonderful Jolly Postman project in Rotherham. I have been supporting the two consultants who are leading on the project which involves twelve schools. Linda and Amy have  tirelessy driven the work which is brilliantly structured […]

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