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Dear Sean.

This morning, Sean Harford, an HMI, posted this question on Twitter.   This provoked a range of highly sensible replies including: @Mackers1969 “Government initiatives and OFSTED Framework changes can put you ‘back’ even when still moving forward. @kalinski1970 “Have less aggressive inspectors. Recogniser the career ending impact you have.” @kalinski1970 “Retrain inspectors on statistics and […]

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Ticking every box

Sir Michael Wilshaw has opened his mouth again and there is a wide range of responses to it. His latest targets include grammar schools, underperforming schools, schools in the east, rural schools and behaviour in the classroom. I have to be honest in admitting from the start of this blog post that I support much […]

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Models of derision

This morning I woke to the news that the new Head of OFSTED, Michael Wilshaw, had made another new pronouncement on the quality of teaching and leadership. One section from the Sunday Telegraph article included Sir Michael Wilshaw said he wanted “less tolerance of poor leadership,” adding “everything flows from poor leadership, that just has […]

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