First week completed

I have completed my first week as a Primary Head Teacher and I am already beginning to understand the enormity of the role both in workload and importance. I am incredibly fortunate in the fact that the previous Head had given me a huge amount of support and access in support of transition and so we have been able to get on with things from Day One.

I think that I have met all of the children (with the exception of our Reception who start next week) and am already beginning to recognise their many qualities. Before the children came in on Wednesday we had our two training days looking at our new progressions in writing and mathematics. The maths has been written by our Maths Subject leader and the writing is something I have developed with some amendments by our Writing leader. I am keen for these to develop in the light of comments made in the Excellence in English OFSTED report that schools which excelled in their English provision had developed their own frameworks and progressions.

We have already identified some issues including an urgent need for reading stock and development of our ICT hardware. Whilst I am no fan of knee jerk reactions or purchases I already looking at guided reading stock and books to engage all of our readers. At present, as well as bringing in books from the best authors out there, I am looking at Scholastic’s  Read, Respond, Engage series of texts and Rising Stars ebooks. I would be really interested to know what you are using in your schools.

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  1. Victoria Grace Walden
    September 13, 2012 at 8:16 am #

    Congratulations. TESSEN on twitter told me about some exciting plans you have for outdoor learning spaces. I work for the TES and would love to speak to you about these -sounds fascinating.

    Please email.

    Kind regards.

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