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At Teachmeet last week I talked about the importance of people working to collaborate and share good practice become even more important this year.

In England (as well as many other countries) the education community finds itself in austere times and so Continuing Professional Development opportunities may well become less available due to lack of in school funding.

It is, however, vital that we keep sharing practice to this end I would recommend any readers of this blog who are interested in the teaching of English to ensure that they are aware of the UKLA (United Kingdom Literacy Association). I have to register an interest in this as I have been lucky enough to speak at their international conference and have co-authored a book in their Ideas in Practice series

The rest of this blog post is really aimed at those living in the North of England as I wish to advertise an event they are holding on the 21st of May 2011 in Huddersfield.
Talk to underpin digital and traditional literacies is the title of the Yorkshire and Humberside Regional conference and will feature Professor Guy Merchant and Kelly Ashley both of whom are excellent to listen to both in their delivery and the depth of their knowledge. I recommend the day highly.

UKLA Yorkshire Conference 21st May 2011

The Agenda
UKLA Yorkshire Conference – Agenda and Booking Form 21st May 2011 Docx

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