Chicken Run

I have written this blog post in response to my Christmas viewing  (as I did yesterday’s!) but this is not in response to a war film. Yesterday on BBC1 in England we watched Chicken Run which was released in 2000 as the first feature film  by Aardman animations the makers of Wallace and Gromit.

The film tells the story of a flock of chickens living on a Yorkshire farm where the farmer’s wife has installed a factory style regime making chicken pies replacing the previous gentle regime of egg laying. Led by the plucky Ginger the chickens keep failing to escape from their prison camp and all seems doomed until the rooster Rocky arrives and he eggs the hens on to fly the coop, but proves to be a complete coward.   The resulting adventure shows how resolve and team work can get people through adversity.
The film is a great favourite with children and made me think of a wonderful book which has many similarities.

Sitting Ducks by Michael Bedard now falls into the classics genre but is one of my favourite picture books. It tells the story of a duck which falls off the conveyor belt at the factory where the ducks are born and then fattened up. He is rescued and befriended by an alligator who works at the factory  – the question is whether in an alligator eat duck world can such a friendship (or even the duck) survive?
A humourous, warm picture book which will suit most ages.

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